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Jigsaw puzzles for the demanding
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The first jigsaw puzzle factory in Poland

Kazimierz Wierzbicki’s decision to open Poland’s first jigsaw puzzle factory


Signing a contract with our strategic partner, The Walt Disney Company

Przełomowy moment w rozwoju firmy, na rynek trafia wieloletni hit sprzedażowy z wizerunkiem Kaczora Donalda


Constructing a production and storage hall and relocating the factory to Gdynia


We open a state-of-the-art punching tools workshop and create an automatic jigsaw puzzle press


We begin the construction of our Research and Development Center

Trefl Wood Craft

A new type of wooden jigsaw puzzle is created – the Wood Craft series

A new dimension to the classic jigsaw puzzle, one that delights aesthetes and puzzle lovers alike

Trefl Prime

The creation of a unique technology and a new series of puzzles – Unlimited Fit Technology

A series for real puzzle enthusiasts, characterized by high quality, the thickest type of cardboard and the use of a special cutting method. In order to protect the planet, they are made using environmentally friendly materials


You can buy Prime puzzles here


Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the Trefl Prime puzzle series intended for?

The Trefl Prime series has been created with real puzzle lovers in mind. This unique collection will meet the expectations of those who want to discover something more in jigsaw puzzles. Their exceptional design and a range of additional features will take your puzzle experience to the next level!

What is so unique about Trefl Prime puzzles?

The Prime series puzzles are different from the classic ones. Their unique features include high-quality materials used in the production, such as the thickest type of cardboard, irregular shapes of the pieces and special cutting methods. All this makes it easy to lift and move the completed puzzle. In addition, the assembled images can be combined to create your personalized collage. The puzzles feature a variety of unique designs that will enhance the look of any interior.

3. How can I connect Trefl Prime puzzles?

Combining the puzzles into one large collage is very easy. Simply set aside the outer pieces from the edges of the puzzles you want to join together. Connect different completed puzzles and finally add the missing outer edges. Your personalized collage is ready!

What are Trefl Prime puzzles made of?

Trefl Prime puzzles are made of the thickest jigsaw cardboard on the market and the materials used in the production process are environmentally friendly. The cardboard is made from wood sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

How many pieces do Trefl Prime puzzles contain?

Puzzles in this series come in 1000-piece and 1500-piece versions. However, as the series is still evolving, new variants may become available in time.

Would a Prime jigsaw puzzle be a good gift idea?

You bet! A puzzle is a very good idea for a gift. Not only is it a great way to sharpen your brain and manual skills, but above all it is great entertainment for younger and older puzzle fans alike. In the case of the Trefl Prime series, the unique designs and shapes of the puzzles as well as the unconventional possibilities of joining them together will make the gift even more special.

From what age are Trefl Prime puzzles recommended?

The Prime series puzzles are recommended for all puzzle lovers from the age of 12.

What designs are featured in the Trefl Prime series?

The unique Trefl Prime jigsaw puzzle designs include beautiful views, picturesque landscapes, dazzling vibes of big cities, as well as special motifs for animal lovers and fans of intense colors. The full range of Prime puzzle designs is available on our website under the Products tab.

What does the word “BIO” on the packaging mean?

The “BIO” label indicates that Prime puzzles were created using organic materials. All plastic elements used in the packaging are biodegradable and compostable. In addition, no shrink wrap was used in the packaging.

10. What does the FSC mark on the back of the box mean?

The FSC mark means that Prime products meet the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council. It certifies the responsible sourcing of materials from forests and indicates that choosing products with this certification contributes to the preservation of forests worldwide.

To what do we owe the possibility of moving the puzzles?

Our puzzles can be moved and rolled efficiently thanks to the thick cardboard used in the manufacturing process and the precise method of cutting out the pieces.

What can I do if I have lost some pieces of my jigsaw puzzle?

If you have lost any puzzle pieces, please contact us via the form available on our website:

Where can I find the product catalogue?

The product catalogues are available online in PDF format at the link below:

Why does the color of my puzzle differ from the image I saw on the computer screen?

Minimal color variations are possible, as the representation of the image on the monitor depends on the brightness, resolution, contrast and color settings. All these elements can contribute to color differences between the image seen on the monitor and the finished product.

Can I glue my puzzle together?

Yes, it’s possible. We offer puzzle glue in a tube with a sponge applicator for easy and clean application. It is a conserver and a puzzle glue in one. Pieces that are glued together may be easily displayed on a shelf or hung on a wall. In addition, a protective coating preserves them from impurities. Simply spread the glue evenly over the entire surface of the puzzle and leave it to dry. That’s it!

What will be the size of my Trefl Prime jigsaw puzzle when assembled?

A 1000-piece puzzle will form a picture with the size of 683 × 480 mm, while a 1500-piece puzzle will result in a picture with the size of 850 × 580 mm.

Where can I buy Trefl Prime puzzles?

In the Contact section you can find a list of all distributors who sell Trefl Prime series puzzles.