Shared emotions
We deliver family entertainment that helps you experience shared emotions, creates unique bonds and leaves wonderful memories.
Jigsaw puzzles for the demanding
Our puzzles offer excellent quality, original designs and endless possibilities of entertainment for the whole family.
The first jigsaw puzzle factory in Poland

Kazimierz Wierzbicki’s decision to open Poland’s first jigsaw puzzle factory


Signing a contract with our strategic partner, The Walt Disney Company

A landmark moment in the company’s evolution: our best-selling product for many years to come, with the image of Donald Duck, hits the Polish market


Constructing a production and storage hall and relocating the factory to Gdynia


We open a state-of-the-art punching tools workshop and create an automatic jigsaw puzzle press


We begin the construction of our Research and Development Center

Trefl Wood Craft

A new type of wooden jigsaw puzzle is created – the Wood Craft series

A new dimension to the classic jigsaw puzzle, one that delights aesthetes and puzzle lovers alike

Trefl Prime

The creation of a unique technology and a new series of puzzles – Unlimited Fit Technology

A series for real puzzle enthusiasts, characterized by high quality, the thickest type of cardboard and the use of a special cutting method. In order to protect the planet, they are made using environmentally friendly materials


You can buy Wood Craft puzzles here


Frequently asked questions

Who is the Wood Craft puzzle series intended for?

The Wood Craft series has been created for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who love unusual challenges! These wooden puzzles will delight aesthetes and puzzle lovers alike. Their unusual shapes and themed figurines make assembling them more challenging, but at the same time the final result is extremely rewarding!

How is the Wood Craft series different from other puzzles?

The Wood Craft series stands out mainly because of its remarkable workmanship and the material used – wood. Additional highlights include the irregular shapes of the pieces and the thematically matched figurines with interesting designs.

What are Wood Craft puzzles made of?

Wood Craft puzzles by Trefl are made from wood fibers.

How many figurines does a Wood Craft puzzle contain?

Each puzzle contains 50 or 100 hidden and thematically matched figurines. Finding them is an additional source of great fun! The number of figurines depends on the number of puzzle pieces included in the box. A puzzle with 500+1 pieces contains 50 figurines and a 1000-piece puzzle comes with as many as 100 unique figurines!

Where can I find the product catalogue?

The product catalogues are available online in PDF format at the link below:

How many pieces does a Wood Craft puzzle have?

The puzzles come in two variants: 500+1 pieces or 1000 pieces.

Why does my puzzle smell intensely of burnt wood?

The intense wood smell is a consequence of laser burning. All the shapes and designs were made (cut out) using a laser.

Do all Wood Craft puzzles come in a standard format?

One of the highlights of the Wood Craft puzzles and a marker of their uniqueness is the non-standard format and edges of the puzzle. Wooden jigsaw puzzles with irregular shapes are a perfect alternative to traditional puzzles with a classic form.

What will be the size of my jigsaw puzzle when assembled?

A puzzle of 500+1 pieces will form a picture with the size of 375 × 254 mm, while a 1000-piece puzzle will result in a picture with the size of 519 × 375 mm.

Why aren’t Wood Craft puzzles packaged in shrink wrap?

We do our best to take care of our Planet, which is why the puzzle pieces have been placed in a paper bag and the whole set comes in environmentally friendly packaging without the additional protective shrink wrap.

Where can I buy Wood Craft puzzles?

In the Contact section you can find a list of all distributors who sell Wood Craft series puzzles.

Is the Wood Craft puzzle series Planet-friendly?

Yes, we care about the health of our Planet, which is why our wooden puzzle pieces come in environmentally friendly packaging. We have also reduced the use of plastic by making the packaging entirely out of cardboard.

Is it easy to assemble puzzle pieces with irregular shapes such as in the Wood Craft puzzles?

Wooden puzzles definitely differ from classic puzzles in their level of difficulty. The irregular shapes make the assembly more challenging, so every piece you add is a source of huge satisfaction.

What can I do if I have lost some pieces of my jigsaw puzzle?

If you have lost any puzzle pieces, please contact us via the form available on our website:

Would a Wood Craft jigsaw puzzle be a good idea for a gift?

A Wood Craft series puzzle is a very good gift idea. It is a great way to sharpen your brain and manual skills. Irregular shapes, interesting patterns and a decorative reverse side make the gift unique, providing a higher level of puzzle satisfaction. The special smell of the puzzles and the texture of the wood make assembling them even more enjoyable.